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15th King's Hussars Edwardian Officer's cap badge

A fine ultra scarce WW1 example die stamped gilt with silver Royal Crest, XV.KH resting on enamelled title scroll. Two loops to the reverse. VGC.

Code: 67018

285.00 GBP

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Queen Mary's Regiment Surrey Yeomanry Officer's EIIR dress cap badge

A fine and scarce post 1953 large pattern die stamped silver plated example. Two long loops to the reverse. VGC

Code: 67017

80.00 GBP

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North Irish Horse OR's collar badges

A good post WW2 King's crown die stamped white metal facing pair. Single lug to the reverse of each collar. VGC.

Code: 67016

55.00 GBP

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Warwickshire Yeomanry WW1 OR's cap badge

A good scarce die stamped brass example. Slider to the reverse. VGC.

Code: 67015

45.00 GBP

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26th Hussars WW2 trial pattern collar badge

A good scarce Indian made die cast brass example. Two loops to the reverse. VGC
Peter Seaman's For Hostilities Only fig 82
Raised 1st February at Meerut , India. Disbanded 1946

Code: 67014

40.00 GBP

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Victorian Volunteer Rifle Corps general pattern cap badge

A good die stamped brass / bronze metal metal general pattern French Horn cap badge. Two loops to the reverse. GC 35mm high x 45mm wide

Code: 67013

55.00 GBP

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Indian Army 13th Duke of Connaughts Own Lancers helmet badge

A fine and scarce post 1923 die cast bi-metal crowned crossed lances, "13" to the centre. Bottom scroll inscribed "Duke of Connaughts Own ". Four loops to the reverse. VGC.

Code: 67012

40.00 GBP

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The Manchester Regiment OR's cap badge

A good post WW2 die stamped white metal example. Slider to the reverse.VGC....

Code: 67011

10.00 GBP

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Coldstream Guards staybright shoulder titles

A good modern pair of gold anodised aluminium shoulder titles. Four lugs with brass backing plates and pins to the reverse of each title. VGC.

Code: 67010

10.00 GBP

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British Troops Northern Ireland cloth formation sign

A good embroidered blue Irish gate on black felt rectangle. VGC
The blue version is said to be worn by WRNS serving in N.I. but is unconfirmed.

Code: 67009


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