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South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers Victorian silver cane top

A fine scarce hallmarked silver example. Bearing Birmingham hallmmarks for 1898 (Y) and makers stamp D&S. VGC.

Code: 73047


Scottish 93rd Sutherland Highlanders Regiment of Foot Victorian Officer's glengarry badge

A fine super scarce pre 1881 heavy die cast unmarked silver example. Buckle and strap tail appllied separately. Two silver loops to the reverse. Although unmarked ,I believe these glengarry badges were made by Kirkwood of Edinburgh. VGC.

Code: 73046

750.00 GBP

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Scottish The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry Victorian Officer's sabretache badge

A fine scarce large die cast gilt florated 'G Y C' sabretache / shoulder belt pouch badge. Two screw posts to the reverse. VGC. 30mm high x 67mm wide

Code: 73045

115.00 GBP

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Scottish V.B. Royal Scots Fusiliers Edwardian OR's glengarry badge

A fine scarce post 1901 die stamped white metal example of regular battalion pattern. Two toned loops to the reverse. VGC.

Code: 73044

80.00 GBP

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Queen's Royal Hussars Officer's bullion beret badge

A fine scarce post 1994 gold and silver wire embroidered with coloured silks example. On black felt backing. VGC....

Code: 73043

45.00 GBP

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Royal Bucks Hussars Yeomanry bronze cap badge

A good die stamped bronze metal example. Slider to the reverse. VGC

Code: 73042

40.00 GBP

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Essex Yeomanry WW1 OR's collar badges

A good scarce post 1906 small pattern die stamped brass pair of collar badges. Two loops to the reverse of each collar. GC....

Code: 73041

40.00 GBP

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L.&B.HORSE Lothian & Border Horse Yeomanry shoulder title

A good scarce post 1919 brass shoulder title. Never had an 'Y' above .Two loops to the reverse. VGC. Not in Westlake.

Code: 73040


Grenade / R.S.F. Royal Scots Fusiliers WW1 shoulder titles

A good circa 1907 two part brass pair of shoulder titles. Two lugs to the reverse of each part. GC Westlake 945

Code: 73039

24.00 GBP

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Cambridge University O.T.C. staybright cap badge

A good scarce post 1953 anodised aluminium example. Slider to the reverse. Makers stamp J.R.Gaunt , London.VGC.

Code: 73038

25.00 GBP

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