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10th Royal Hussars Officer's Full Dress shoulder belt mounts

A super scarce die cast gilt shield with applied Prince of Wales's plumes in silver ,gilt coronet. Two screw posts and two picker tubes to the reverse. Gilt floral scroll edged buckle with silvered Prince of Wales's plumes to each corner. VGC.

Code: 69615


The Militia Bns. King's Liverpool Regiment Victorian Officer's collar badges

A super scarce pair of Officer's dress collar badges. Die stamped gilt scroll inscribed "king's" in old English. Above a Rose in silver with red and green enamel to the petals. Three loops to the reverse of each collar. VGC. Churchill 220

Code: 69614

110.00 GBP

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7th Bn. King's Liverpool Regt. WW1 OR's cap badge

A good scarce die stamped all white metal example of the regular Battalions pattern with WW1 "KING'S". Slider to the reverse. VGC. KK1703

Code: 69613

95.00 GBP

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Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry ORs cap badge

A good fine die stamped brass metal example . Portcullis surmounted by a ducal coronet. Insignia of the Duke of Beaufort. Two loops to the reverse . VGC.. K&K 1338..

Code: 69612

75.00 GBP

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Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry WW1 OR's cap badge

A good scarce post 1908 die stamped bronze metal other ranks example. Two loops to the reverse. VGC

Code: 69611

55.00 GBP

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Kelly College Tavistock O.T.C. cap badge

A fine scarce die stamped gilded metal example. Prince of Wales's plumes with the motto replaced with "Kelly College". Two long loops to the reverse. VGC. KK 2581

Code: 69610


The King's School Canterbury O.T.C. cap badge

A fine scarce die stamped brass example. A shield charged with the Arms of the Dean and Chapterof Canterbury. All within a circlet inscribed 'King's School Canterbury O.T.C.'. Slider to the reverse. VGC. KK2596

Code: 69609

40.00 GBP

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T / 4 / NORTHAMPTON WW1 brass shoulder title

A good scarce brass title to the 4th Territorial battalion ,The Northamptonshire Regiment . Three loops to the reverse. VGC. Westlake 1238..

Code: 69608

40.00 GBP

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The East Yorkshire Regiment. Victorian OR's helmet plate centre.

A good scarce die stamped bi metal example. Four loops to the reverse. VGC. KK 304

Code: 69607


Durham Light Infantry WW2 plastic economy cap badge

A good light grey moulded plastic example. Two blades to the reverse. VGC....

Code: 69606


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